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Our stockist, NT Trailers has provided us with authentic product reviews and imagery of their master works.

The GUSTO came already installed in my new NT Trailer. I’m so happy with it. You’ve got the air plus the brush which is the agitation and it makes it so easy to clean my tools. At the end of the day I don’t want to take the job home with me and the GUSTO helps me leave the dirt behind. The GUSTO is epic.


Gusto Blower Unit

The GUSTO Blower Unit is a revolutionary combination of the tradie blower and banister brush. This purpose-built, air-powered, water-free cleaning device is sensor operated and has been designed to keep the dust, dirt, and sand out of your tradie trailer, caravan, 4X4, van conversion, and more!

Watch how quickly and easily the GUSTO Blower Unit cleans wet sawdust of these power tools. As opposed to a tradie blower, the GUSTO Blower Unit is able to clean away wet and heavy muck without any effort. Stop taking “the job” home with you or in between sites. With the GUSTO Blower Unit installed in your trailer you always have your cleaning device charged and ready to clean.

Keep your tools and trailer spotless with the GUSTO Blower Unit.

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