Spend less time cleaning and more time making memories

Meet Nat and Clare – The Travellers behind the innovative Gusto Blower Unit

Living in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Nat and Clare are no strangers to adventure. They’ve been travelling with their three boys and dog, Murphy, for years, often opting for caravanning or camping. However, during a long caravanning trip to Uluru in 2018, they encountered a common problem – excessive dust and debris in their van. After hours of cleaning and carrying multiple cleaning items, they realized there must be a better solution. And so, the Gusto Blower unit was born.

The Gusto Blower unit is an air-powered, water-free, and user-friendly cleaning system that can connect to any 12V power source. It’s ideal for cleaning camping equipment, shoes, and feet, removing dirt, dust, sand, grass, and debris.

Developed and manufactured in just two years, the Gusto Blower unit has the potential to revolutionize various industries.

Fast forward to 2023, and the Gusto family has grown with the arrival of the Gusto Dust Reduction System. This product was developed to offer a dust reduction system that doesn’t need to be installed on the roof of a van, is aesthetically pleasing both inside and outside of the van, and provides more roof space for solar panels.

With the growth of the Gusto product family, Nat can continue to add innovative products to the Gusto line thanks to his partnership.

In summary, the Gusto Blower unit and Dust Reduction System are game-changers for travellers and campers who want high-quality and powerful products to effectively keep their gear and van clean.