A drought proof cleaning device that will change the way you travel.

Spend less time cleaning and more time making memories

Hands up if the constant cleaning of sand, dirt and dust from inside your van is driving you up the wall?

Well, us too.

We have been avid travellers for years, now joined by our three boys. Like every traveller, we lugged multiple cleaning items on every trip – from towels to hoses, buckets and bannister brushes. The number of cleaning products took up as much room as an additional child.

For us, the pinnacle of our frustration came on a recent trip to Ayers Rock. The amount of red dust, grass and debris in our van was at peak level. As any caravanner knows, once sand, dirt and dust make their way into your van, it is near impossible to get out.

From stepping out of the shower onto a sandy floor to sweeping up to 10 times a day – it is relentless! We were spending hours and hours cleaning, whereas we could have been spending it with our feet up.

Driving home over several weeks, we had plenty of time to think.

Surely there is something that can help to solve this problem for travellers? Now there is.


Gusto’s aim is to eliminate this age-old problem for travellers of all ages. An air-powered, easy-to-operate system that fits into any make or model van, camper trailer or RV vehicle. Connecting to your existing power source, it cleans the dirt, dust, sand, grass and debris off anything – from your camping equipment to your feet and shoes. Keep the muck outside so your van stays sparkling clean.

So you can spend less time cleaning and more time making memories.

Clare & Nat

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