Exciting news

The exciting news is that since you placed your order for your new caravan our products have come onto the market and many manufacturers are planning on including our products as Standard features in their new builds.


This means that any existing customers like yourself might not be offered the Gusto products. We want you to have the same opportunity as new customers and we strongly suggest that you contact your manufacturer to check if you can upgrade to the Gusto products.

If your caravan build contains a dust reduction system it is an essential piece of the build. The dust reduction system that is currently included in your build is probably going to be installed on your roof.

The Gusto Dust Reduction System is the first ever side-mounting dust reduction system which makes it a game changer. Yes, it actually mounts to the side of your caravan and can be installed on either side of the caravan.

Benefits of the Gusto Dust Reduction System:
  • Mounts to the side of a caravan
  • Power specs – 18 Amps Max current, 12-14v DC
  • Able to pressurise a caravan in seconds
  • Eliminates requirements for structural reinforcing and extensive waterproofing
  • Creates more space for solar panels
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Operates when the van is stationary
  • Also operates when the van is travelling in excess of 100km/h
  • Compact design allows for fitment inside standard internal cabinet
  • Once installed, the device is concealed from user
  • Plastics – all plastics exposed to sunlight will be ASA (similar to ABS, but with better UV resistance)
  • Screw material – all fasteners are stainless steel
  • Sheet metal frame – made from SECC (galvanised steel sheet) with powder coated finish
  • Self-draining
  • Available in black or white

If you would like to take up this opportunity to amend your build specifications then please contact your Sales Representative as soon as possible to ensure you have the best Dust Reduction System installed.