• Add an extra year's warranty to your Gusto purchase.
  • 50mm long nylon bannister brush bristle head
  • Add an extra 18 months warranty to your Gusto purchase.
  • Replacement Cabinet Vent Assembly for DRS
  • Replacement Rear Panel Assembly for DRS
  • Replacement Air Filter for DRS
  • Replacement Air Filter for Gusto DRS Pro
  • Replacement filter
  • 3.0m long removable hose and handle. The hose is rubber-ribbed and crush-resistant with a smooth interior to ensure maximum airflow.
  • Eliminate dirt, dust and sand from your caravan, RV or motorhome with Gusto.

    The Gusto Blower unit is a purpose-built, air-powered and water-free cleaning device. It is sensor operated, simple to use, runs off 12V power and seamlessly recesses into your van.
    • Designed to fit within a standard cupboard or bench cavity deeper than 250mm
    • Lockable door to ensure it stays secured when travelling
    • Dust and waterproof seals so the Australian weather won't get in
    • Hooks up to existing 12v power source
    • Proximity sensor-operated power switch with 30 second run time. This is not only convenient but also suitable for use by children who may forget to turn it off
    • Replaceable fuse
    • Low battery light indicator
    • UV Protected plastic
    • Available in black and white
    Important Reminder for Cold Weather Conditions: To keep your hose in optimal condition, we advise you to store it indoors if the temperature drops below 5°C. Inclusions | Specifications | Installation | Reviews
  • Replacement Door and Vent Assembly for Gusto Dust Reduction System
  • Eliminate dust ingress from your caravan, RV or motorhome in seconds.

    • Mounts to the side of a caravan
    • Able to pressurise a caravan in seconds
    • Eliminates requirements for structural reinforcing and extensive waterproofing
    • Creates more space for solar panels
    • Compact and sleek design
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Operates when the van is stationary
    • Compact design allows for fitment inside the standard internal cabinet
    • Once installed, the device is concealed from the user
    • Self-draining
    • Not submersible
    • Power specs – 18 Amps Max current, 12-14v DC
    • Fan can move a maximum air volume of 1800 cubic meters per hour
    • Operating temperature between negative 40 and positive 105 Celsius
    • 200watt power consumption
    Inclusions | Weights & Dimensions | Installation | Filter Specifications


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